Collective Intelligence 2018


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List of Accepted Submissions

Accepted Panel

Christopher Tucci, Gianluigi Viscusi and Rosy Mondardini
Crowdsourcing and Crowd-driven Innovation

Accepted Talks

Sai Gouravajhala, Youxuan Jiang, Preetraj Kaur, Jarir Chaar and Walter Lasecki
Finding Mnemo: Hybrid Intelligence Memory in a Crowd-Powered Dialog System

Mehdi Moussaïd, Alejandro Noriega Campero and Abdullah Almaatouq
Networks of influence in small group discussions

Ella Glikson, Anita Williams Woolley, Pranav Gupta and Young Ji Kim
The Effect of Automatic Feedback on Effort and Collective Intelligence in Distributed Virtual Teams

John Prpic
High Frequency Labor

Philip Feldman, Aaron Dant and Wayne Lutters
Simon's Anthill: Mapping and Navigating Belief Spaces

Jorge Ramirez, Evgeny Krivosheev, Marcos Baez, Boualem Benatallah and Fabio Casati
CrowdRev: A platform for Crowd-based Screening of Literature Reviews

Carlos Toxtli, Joel Chan, Walter Lasecki and Saiph Savage
Enabling Expert Critique with Chatbots and Micro Guidance

Dhaval Adjodah, Dan Calacci, Abhimanyu Dubey, Yan Leng, Peter Krafft, Esteban Moro and Alex Pentland
Collective Intelligence for Deep Reinforcement Learning

Ethan Bernstein, Jesse Shore and David Lazer
How Intermittent Breaks in Interaction Improve Collective Intelligence

Peter Krafft and Tom Griffiths
Rational Collective Learning in the Laboratory

Pantelis Pipergias Analytis, Daniel Barkoczi and Stefan Herzog
Social learning strategies for matters of taste

Vikram Mohanty, David Thames and Kurt Luther
Photo Sleuth: Combining Collective Intelligence and Computer Vision to Identify Historical Portraits

Jeffrey V. Nickerson, Lei Zheng, Christian Bouwense, Feng Mai and Deborah M. Gordon
Implicit Coordination in Peer Production Networks

Ada Kim
Behind the Starbucks counter: Collaborative Training in Virtual Reality

Joel Chan, Joseph Chang, Tom Hope, Dafna Shahaf and Aniket Kittur
Collective Intelligence Systems for Analogical Search

Brandon Dang, Martin Riedl and Matthew Lease
Toward Safer Crowdsourced Content Moderation

Jonathan Kush, Brandy Aven and Linda Argote
When Ties Bind And When Ties Divide: The Effects Of Communication Networks On Group Processes And Performance

Young Ji Kim, Pranav Gupta, Ella Glikson, Anita Woolley and Thomas Malone
Enhancing Collective Intelligence of Human-Machine Teams

Accepted Posters

Aelita Skarzauskiene and Monika Maciuliene
Co-creating Collective Intelligence in Civic Tech: Pilot Study in Lithuania

Sandrine Jacob Leal, Nobuyuki Hanaki and Mauro Napoletano

Market volatility and crashes in experimental financial markets with interactions between human and high-frequency traders

Michael Silverman and Mirjam Harzenmoser
Crowdoscope – An Interactive Survey Tool for Social Collective Intelligence

Ella Glikson and Anita Williams Woolley
A Human-Centered Perspective on Human–AI Interaction: Introduction of the Embodiment Continuum Framework

Flemming Binderup Gammelgaard and Carina Antonia Hallin
Changing the Innovation Game - Crowdsourcing in Incumbent Firms

Anca Dumitrache, Lora Aroyo and Chris Welty
False Positive and Cross-relation Signals in Distant Supervision Data

Michael Barz, Tim Polzehl and Daniel Sonntag
Towards Hybrid Human-Machine Translation Services

Marta Sabou, Angelika Musil, Juergen Musil and Stefan Biffl
Collective Intelligence Aspects of Cyber-Physical Social Systems: Results of a Systematic Mapping Study

Anna Kasunic, Chun-Wei Chiang, Geoff Kaufman and Saiph Savage
Crowd Work on a CV? Understanding How AMT Fits into Turkers' Career Goals and Professional Profiles

Andy Williams
The Change Engine as a Bridge Between Computer Science and Social Innovation Approaches to Collective Intelligence

Malvika Rao, Georg John Peter Link, Don Marti, Andy Leak and Rich Bodo
A Trading Market for Prices in Peer Production

Alex Papadopoulos, Artemis Skarlatidou and Muki Haklay
Repetition Doesn't Have To Be Boring: User Experience Design For Online Citizen Science Data Classification Applications

Agnes Horvat, Johannes Wachs, Rong Wang and Aniko Hannak
Is Novelty an Advantage or a Drawback in Equity Crowdfunding?

Gianluigi Viscusi and Christopher Tucci
Crowd Dynamics in Small Teams in Higher Education

Rafal Olszowski
Collective Intelligence in business and in public sphere: possible research methods for a comparative study

Mehrnoosh Sameki, Aditya Barua and Praveen Paritosh
QUEST: A Common Sense Approach to Annotating Q&A Content